Business English writing

Tips on writing more formally Business English:
• Do not use contractions
Error: Don’t, won’t
Correction: Do not, will not

• Write out numbers
Numbers below 10 are written and numbers above 10 can be shown as numbers.
Ex. There are three children living in the house. The population of the town is 15,000.

• Do not use clichés
Clichés are unoriginal and redundant.

• Do not write in the first person
Formal writing should be in the third person. Do not use first person pronouns: I, my, we, our, us, etc.
Ex.: I believe dogs are better than cats.
Correction: Dogs are better than cats.

Eventually you may need to use Passive Voice.

Here is a list of informal words X formal:
So X Very, Extremely
The movie was so good. X The movie was very good

Of course X Clearly, Evidently
Of course it had rained. X Clearly it had rain.

Just X Simply, Only
There are just three students today. X There are only three students.

Kind of, Sort of X Somewhat
He kind of looks like his brother. X He somewhat looks like his brother.

Got to, Have to X Must, Need to
I’ ve got to finish my project. X  I need to finish my project.

Used to X Accustomed to
I am used to the cold. X I am accustomed to the cold.