Party phrases

1. Have/throw/give a party: Fazer/dar uma festa Ex: They´re going to have/throw/give a party.
2. Costume party: Festa a fantasia Ex: There was a costume party at the school.
3. Farewell party: Festa de despedida Ex: It looks like a farewell party.
4. Welcome party: Festa de boas vindas Ex: They´re talking about a welcome party.
5. Stag party/Bachelor party: Festa de despedida de solteiro Ex: All of them came to the stag party.
6. Hen party: Festa de despedida de solteira Ex: Did you ever get invited to a hen party?
7. Birthday party: Festa de aniversário Ex: I have a birthday party to go to.
8. Surprise party: Festa surpresa Ex: When is this suprise party going to be?
9. Fashionable party: Festa chique Ex: They told me it was a very fashionable party.
10. Wild party: Festa de arromba Ex: They threw a wild party.
11. Halloween party: Festa de Halloween Ex: They met at that Halloween party.
12. Turn (somebody) away: Barrar alguém Ex: She was turned away from the party.
13. Spoil/Ruin: Estragar, arruinar Ex: I hope the rain doesn´t ruin our party.