Business English (Advanced)

Upgrade your English & Develop Business English Skills as Communicating Clearly, Listening & Clarifying, Goals, Successful Presentations, Selling your Ideas, Dealing with Problem People, Negotiations Groundwork & Making the Deal, How to Say No, Staying Positive, Giving and Receiving Feedback, Defending your Ideas, Brainstorming, Dealing with Criticism, How to Influence People, Presentations – Connecting with your Audience, Making your Speech more Powerful with Metaphors, Leading Decision-Making Meetings and more.

Get ready for future job interviews in English with strategies from consultants. Topics: Previous experience, accomplishments, weakness, questions, stress and second round interview.

Practice your English in free conversation. Topics as your career, economy, news, family, vacations, trips, football or anything else.

Discuss headlines from a newspaper in English.

Identify your difficulties and review: Passive Voice, If Conditional, Reported Speech, Phrasal Verbs & Idioms.

For students level B2 (Intermediário-Alto) onwards.

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